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Interactive “smart” daily prayer book
25.09.2014 00:00


Suffern, New York - RustyBrick, Inc. is happy to introduce version 5.0 of the iPhone Siddur. The new version supports Apple's multi-touch gestures by enabling full screen mode, swipe to flip to a new section and pinch for font size controls.

"Currently, we have created the smartest Siddur [Jewish Prayer Book] on the planet," Barry Schwartz, the CEO of RustyBrick said. "Version 5.0 is our attempt at not just making the Siddur the smartest but also the easiest to use," Schwartz added.

Remove the navigation bars from both the iPhone and iPad version of the Siddur by simply double tapping the screen with your finger. The menus will go away and put you in a mode of full concentration and devotion to the text you are saying.


To switch from one section of the prayer to the next, now just swipe your finger from left to right (Hebrew orientation) and the page will flip to the next section. This can replace those top navigation arrows in future releases.

Pinch To Zoom:

Now with pinch to zoom, you can control the font size of the text in the app. Instead of going to the settings screen and adjusting the font size, all you need to do is pinch to zoom. This pinch to zoom feature will not have awkward wrapping issues, it will act as a font size option instead.

"The latest version, version 5.0, is one of our 60 or more updates to the Siddur since we launched three and a half years ago," said Ronnie Schwartz, RustyBrick's CTO. The feedback we get from the Jewish community has been outstanding and our strongest motivation to continue to make improvements and future thinking updates to the iPhone Siddur.

Here is a video demo of some of the new features in version 5.0:

About RustyBrick, Inc.
RustyBrick is a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. RustyBrick's Web services include; Web page design, Web development, logo design, e-commerce, mobile Web development, iPhone development, search engine optimization and more. Since 1994, RustyBrick has been creating Web software for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

RustyBrick designs premier iPhone & mobile applications for the Jewish market. They also work with clients such as MTV, Harper HarperCollins, Comedy Central, Harvard University and many more. RustyBrick also designed the most popular Siddur for the iPhone at http://rustybrick.com/siddur and has some of the most popular Jewish apps at http://rustybrick.com/iphone.


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