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Коктейль: Кабала, психология, хасидус, и разные приправы.

Рав Меир Брук. Персональный сайт о загадках и ресурсах еврейской традиции в современном мире для современного читателя. О воспитании, о каббале, о хай-теке, о внимании, о возрастных кризисах и т.д. Автор - работает над созданием русскоязычной еврейской общины в Jewish center of Brighton Beach - Бруклин, Нью-Йорк. Read more...
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Portnoy Brothers feat Zusha - красивейший нигун Аним Змирот. It's been almost five years since we walked into a small living room in Nachlaot to perform with Zusha for the first time. We didn’t really know them but they had already created quite a buzz and we instantly felt it too. This tune and it’s words (which we pray the end of the musaf prayer on Shabbat) was taught by The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Simchat Torah in 1961 and has become hugely well-known since then. When deciding on who should feature on this 2nd single of our Shabbat album project, it was a no brainer to ask our soul brothers Zecharia and Shlomo - who live a stones throw away from where this monumental event took place. For the full video click the link in the first comment! Enjoy it and feel free to share with someone else who might enjoy it too! Shabbat Shalom! ------------------------------------------------------------ Credits: Music Coproduced: Sruli and Mendy Mixed and Mastered: Ben Wallick Drums: Jason Meekins Zusha Vocals Recorded by Chanan Drew Rose Lyric Video: יעקב אסרף סולם יעקב ---------------------------------------------------------------- SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/66AOy... INSTAGRAM: @portnoybrothers FACEBOOK.COM/THEPORTNOYBROTHERS

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После тяжелой операции мадам Рабинович лежала в коме. Как врач...


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