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Коктейль: Кабала, психология, хасидус, и разные приправы.

Рав Меир Брук. Персональный сайт о загадках и ресурсах еврейской традиции в современном мире для современного читателя. О воспитании, о каббале, о хай-теке, о внимании, о возрастных кризисах и т.д. Автор - работает над созданием русскоязычной еврейской общины в Jewish center of Brighton Beach - Бруклин, Нью-Йорк. Read more...
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HILLEL ZALTSMAN | BOI BESHALOM | הלל זלצמן | בואי בשלום


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Hillel Zaltsman began his career singing as a child soloist in the "Leon Berger Choir" at the age of 12 performing the high holiday service with the legendary cantor Pineless, Hillel has gained much appreciation for music which has paved the path for his career as a singer. Over the next 10 years, Hillel continued to quietly hone his talents and amass experience in a variety of settings; from music festivals, weddings & bar mitzvahs, to private events.

In a creative collaboration, starting with an Elvis classic and combining it with the everlasting words of King David- Hillel Zaltsman and Moshe Siegel created this masterpiece of a song.
Hillel hopes, through music, to help people reach a deeper and more meaningful connection with G.

Produced by: Moshe Siegel
Composed by: King David & King Elvis ;)
Performed by: Hillel Zaltsman

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