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Коктейль: Кабала, психология, хасидус, и разные приправы.

Рав Меир Брук. Персональный сайт о загадках и ресурсах еврейской традиции в современном мире для современного читателя. О воспитании, о каббале, о хай-теке, о внимании, о возрастных кризисах и т.д. Автор - работает над созданием русскоязычной еврейской общины в Jewish center of Brighton Beach - Бруклин, Нью-Йорк. Read more...

OnYourWay Yesod App, Tora Mishna Gmara Siddur
Четвер, 07 лютого 2019 22:51- 1мин. чтения
There are no translations available.

oyw.tnc screen 1

if the Hebrew is backward read the help for solution  (this solution also replace holy names) you can download full free one app in the Amazon store

OnYourWay (Uvelechtecha Baderech) the biggest Jewish books app is coming to the android world, On Your Way - the bigest free jewish iphone hebrew reader, conatains:
the bible with Rashi, Onkelus, Eben Ezra, Ramban Seforno and more

Mishan - with Bartenura and Tosfot yom tov
Talmud - Rashi and tosfot
Midrash Raba, Tanchuma and shimoni
please note: the search options depend on internet connectivity.

for bug reports please send mail, don't leave it in the reviews

containing Machshava, Musar, Halach, Kabala etc.

if the Hebrew is LTR read the help for solution

OnYourWay Full version (120MB) direct link:

OnYourWay Yesod:

OnYourWay Halacha:

OnYourWay Machshava:

OnYourWay Kabbala:

OnYourWay Siddur:

also you can access the mobile site from all your devices:
if you have problems please provide your machine type and android version with good description to:
twitter: @OYWapp

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