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Приложение Шаббатний будильник (Shabbos Alarm)
Вівторок, 07 травня 2019 00:00- 1мин. чтения
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Звенит хоть один раз, хоть пять секунд, как установите. Выбор звонков.Shabbos Alarm

Sick of boring old alarm apps that ring until you turn them off, or only offer boring default settings that can't be changed? Need a fully customizable alarm clock that allows you to set every aspect of how, when, and how long it will ring?

Shabbos Alarm, the world's best custom alarm clock from CustomProgrammingSolutions does just that!

Скачать приложениие с https://play.google.com

Альтернативная ссылка для скачивания.

Awesome features include*:
★ Create multiple alarms, custom tailored to your specification
★ Alarm Duration Manager
☆ Create durations from 1 second to 24 hours
☆ Delete durations that you don't use
☆ Multiselect
★ Settings for each alarm include:
☆ Enable/Disable
☆ Description
☆ Time to go off
☆ Duration alarm will ring for
☆ What days the alarm should ring, or whether it should be a one time alarm
☆ Ringtone (choose from all ringtone media on your device)
☆ Vibrate on/off (set to the most efficient pattern to wake you with)
☆ Ring on Silent on/off
☆ Volume (will not affect system alarm volume)
☆ Alarm Unlock Puzzles (coming soon)
★ Backup and restore all of your alarms in the cloud (no more pain of setting all of your alarms when you get a new
★ Tablet Optimized
★ New and exciting features coming soon
Never oversleep again!!!

This is THE highly customizable, custom alarm clock!

Use it as a Shabbos Alarm, a Yuntiff (YomTov) alarm, a Succos Alarm, a Pesach (Passover) Alarm, A Shavuos Alarm, a Rosh Hashanna Alarm, or even a Yom Kippur Alarm!!! You could even just use it as an everyday, highly customizable, custom alarm clock!

Introducing the new Alarm Backup Manager! Have a lot of alarms, and hate redoing all your settings everytime you get a new device? Now you don't have to worry about it. Simply back up the alarms on your current device to our cloud and restore them on your new one with one click of a button.

Use Shabbos Alarm on your favorite tablet!
We now support a two-pane view for your alarms on large screened devices. You can edit your alarm settings without leaving the main alarm list page!

It works perfectly whether you call it Shabbos Alarm, Shabbat Alarm, Shabbis Alarm, or any other kind of Alarm for that matter :-)

Shabbos Alarm. For when your Vekker wakes up later than you!

Let us know how we're doing; leave a helpful comment :-)

*Some features not supported below Android version Ice Cream Sandwich



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